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Browse our selection of Guns for sale in Woodford Bridge. If you can't find what you're looking for please feel free to contact us.

  • This is the Uberti Remington Old Army .44 black powder revolver, The gun has not been used for a while and need a little TLC but the bore and cylinders are good, Any questions please call me on 0208 504 9652.
  • I KNOW THAT THIS GUN IS A PUMP ACTION, NOT A LEVER ACTION BUT THERE IS NO LISTING FOR PUMP ACTION RIFLE. This is the Winchester Mod 275 Pump Action Rifle, It Is chambered in .22 Magnum, The gun has a 12 shot tubular front load magazine system, It loads from a short throw pump action system, This is...
  • This is the Bruni Mod P4 8mm blank firer, It works on a self loading blow back system, It fires a 8mm blank from a 10 shot magazine, This gun is a metal and synthetic construction and is finished in two tone orange and black, This kit contains the gun, hard case and 50 rounds of 8mm blank ammo.
  • This is the Noriko .410 Bolt action rifle, It is a .410 with a 3" magnum chambered, The gun has a 2 shot internal magazine and holds 1 in the chamber so can be held on a section 2 shotgun licence, These are a great simple little working gun, Any questions please call us on 0208 504 9652.
  • This is the Gamo PT85 Tactical, It is a Co2 powered ,blowback pistol that fires .177 pellets from a 2x8 shot magazine system, It fires a standard pellet at around 500 fps, The kit comes with a 3 colour 30mm red dot sight, lazer , torch and spare magazine,
  • This is the Brand New Swiss Arms SA 1911 Stainless Steel pistol, It is a CO2 powered gas blow back model with a 18 shot magazine, This one has the added feature of being the first in the new Stainless Steel finish, The brand new 92 FS Stainless Steel is also now available, any questions please call...
  • This is the New Sig Sauer P320 pistol, It is the first pistol in the world to feature a 30 Round magazine, Sig rate it up to 450fps with the right pellets and temperature, Great blow back action with authentic feel, Another great gun from the boys at Sig.
  • This is the new Victory CP2 air pistol/rifle combo, It is a Co2 powered gun that has a interchangeable barrel and stock allowing you to fire it as a rifle or a pistol, The gun is bolt action and fires from a 7 shot magazine, It is fitted with adjustable target sights and sight rail to fit a scope...
  • This is the Pietta 1861 .36 cal Black powder pistol, This one has a 7 1/2" barrel and a blued steel and colour case hardened finish, Over all condition is very nice with only a few light marks, Any questions please call us on 0208 504 9652.
  • This is the classic German Walther CP99, It fires a .177-4.5mm from a 8 shot magazine, It can fire both single action and double action, It comes with 2 x 8 shot magazines and a hard transport case. This is an OFFICIAL UK IMPORT and has a full UK warranty.