Beretta 680 12 Bore/gauge Over and Under


Additional Information

  • Certificate: 
  • Your reference: 
  • Chamber length: 
    2 3/4"
  • Chokes: 
    1/2 fixed and 1/2 multi chokes
  • Ejection: 
  • Trigger: 
    Single Trigger

This is the Classic Beretta 680 sporting shotgun,

It is a 12g, 28" over and under sporting gun with 2 3/4" chambers,
The gun has a fixed top barrel choked at 1/2 and has been multi choked by Teague and fitted with a 1/2 choke in the bottom barrel,
The gun has been used to shoot both clay and game,
Over all condition of the gun is good and it would make some one a great clay or game gun.

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United Kingdom