Winchester Mod 12 12 Bore/gauge Pump Action


Additional Information

  • Chamber length: 
    2 3/4"
  • Chokes: 
  • Ejection: 
  • Trigger: 
    Single Trigger

This Is the Winchester Mod 12 Pump-action shot gun,

It is a classic in the pump gun world,
This one is still in original configuration and can be taken down for transport and storage,
Over the years Winchester made many variations of this gun and This one is unusual in that it has a full length top rib and a straight stock,
The over all finish is as you would expect of a 60+ year old working gun there are marks on the stock but no really heavy digs in the wood and the bluing is thin in places but no dents or digs,
If you wanted to really go to town and strip and refinish the whole gun it would probably come up great but I think it would loose its charm,
Over all a great piece of shotgun history,
Any questions please call me on 0208 504 9652.

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