Bettinsoli Bore Hunter 12 Bore/gauge Over and Under


Additional Information

  • Certificate: 
  • Chamber length: 
    3" Magnum
  • Chokes: 
  • Ejection: 
  • Trigger: 
    Double Trigger

This is a stunning Bettinsoli 12g Wild Bore shotgun,

It is built as a 12g hunting rifle with 20" cylinder barrels with open sights and has a sight rail for fitting of a telescopic sight,
Using open sights and Brenneke slugs we were getting 5" groups at 100 yards,
The gun is fitted with a very high grade walnut stock and the over all finish is really nice,
Over all this is a lovely gun that handles fantastically,
PLEASE NOTE that this gun is SECTION 1 and can not be put on to a standard shotgun certificate,
Any questions please call me on 0208 504 9652.

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United Kingdom