Laurona 3" Magnum 12 Bore/gauge Over and Under


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    3" Magnum
  • Chokes: 
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  • Trigger: 
    Double Trigger

This Is the Laurona 12g 3" Magnum shotgun,

It is an unusual gun in that it has double triggers so you can chose to fire top or bottom barrel first depending on choke/cartridge choice but you can then fire the other barrel using the same trigger,
This is great when used on game as you can instantly chose what barrel to fire without using the selector or looking for another trigger,
The gun has 28" barrels that are multi choked and chambered for 3" Magnum cartridges,
This gun is still nice and tight and doesn't appear to have done much work,
Any questions please call us on 0208 504 9652.

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